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An ancient curse. Two families bound. A forbidden love.


When the Wildbloods presented their daughters to me on the night of the Tithing, they knew what was to come for the chosen girl.


The crescent moon that marked Willow made her mine. I had no choice but to take her.


Destiny determined our fates long before we were born, laying our roles out for us.


A Sacrifice would be made. A Tithe paid. Only then would our families be free, at least until the next payment came due.


I would have done my duty as Penitent. I tried.


But no one counted on the lion falling in love with the lamb.


And loving Willow could cost me everything.


A cruel fate. Two souls condemned. An impossible love.


I knew he’d choose me before he came to our door on the night of the Tithing. I bore the mark that would make me his.


It was my ancestor who spoke the words that bound us together, and his demon-god who promised protection for the price of blood.


My blood.


I was prepared to be that sacrifice if it would keep my family safe.


Loving Azrael? The thought never crossed my mind. He was and would forever be my enemy.


He’s not the only monster coming for me, though, and somehow, it’s in Azrael’s arms I feel the safest.

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