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He wears a crown of barbed wire to keep others at bay. He’s prickly, mean, and emotionally disengaged. But within the jerk, there lies a heart of gold…

People-pleasing bookshop owner Lola Bell should have the world at her feet – but right now, she’s a hot mess of awkwardness struggling to pull it all together.

Lola’s frenemy, Adrian Daire is the ultimate brooding alpha-hole: rich, smoldering good looks, and a totally irresistible jerk. The complete embodiment of the ruthless advertising executive, holding an inner darkness that gives him a downright mean streak.

He’s order. I’m chaos. We don’t mix.

Daire is the last person that Lola would ever ask for help, but following a spontaneous split from her ex, Lola isn’t wasting any time in finding her new Mr. Right on the hot new dating app, Tap Left.

When she reluctantly enlists the help of Daire to help her get her dating game on point, against her best judgment, she has no idea of the toxic storm she’s just let back into her life.

As Daire helps Lola, old tensions rise to the surface alongside new ones – and with a new suitor in the mix, the two frenemies seem set on an unavoidable collision course that could destroy them both.

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