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🎵New Book Announcement + Signup🎵

Hey, friends! I'm so excited to *finally* announce my upcoming release, Contempt. This angsty forbidden romance drops on 4/25. 

What you can expect: 

✔️ Rockstar
✔️ Forbidden Love
✔️ Tortured Hero
✔️ Second Chance
✔️ Man Obsessed 
✔️ Friends to Lovers turned Enemies to Lovers
✔️ Bad boy/Good Girl
✔️ Star-Crossed Love

Want an early copy? Sign up here ➡️

Before the world knew me as a rock god, I was just the angry boy who stole her heart.
She was a good girl.
The forbidden fruit I wasn’t meant to taste.
Our stars were crossed, and fate had doomed us from the start.
She was promised to someone else.
I had her secret smiles.
Moments stolen in dark corners.
But I couldn’t have her future.
Destiny tore us apart, and all that remained was the ghost of her memory.
When she died, I did too.
But when I catch a glimpse of her five years later, alive and well, that love turns to hate as the bitter truth emerges.
She left me.
She lied.
And now, I’m going to make her pay.

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